La Grave off piste

I had the opportunity to ride in La Grave, France. I could type a bunch of words to describe the experience. However, the cliche holds true, a picture (or series of moving ones) can say 1,000 words. Thanks to Tyler Jones for finding great lines and keeping us safe.

Riverside State Park 24 Hour Race 2011

The weather held today (May 28th) and it turned out to be great for riding when the noon start rolled around. I was shooting on the south end of the course from about noon-3:30PM. I also went out for some evening shots from 7-10PM.

Many beer logo jerseys. Big thumbs up for that combination!
A dude with one leg hammering the course. That's just plain bad ass!
Some injuries, including a chewed up knee (see attached photos), ouch.
One couple riding a tandem full suspension Ventana. It must be a pain to haul around but fun to ride!

Mad cube farmer
Carbon fiber leg
Green monster

ASUS M4A88TD-V EVO/USB3 and OpenSuse 11.3

Here's a diversion from photography. I built a new computer this weekend. My intention was to build a Linux box that is really fast. I assembled everything and installed Windows without a problem. I used my old IDE CD/DVD drive to run the Windows install. Now that the system was booting into Windows and I was able to overclock to 3.7Ghz stably I was ready for the Linux install. The CPU and board can probably go faster than 3.7Ghz but I like stability over speed.

Old School

I recently went snowboarding with three long time friends from my college days. I use the term recently was December...this is February...damn adult responsibilities. We were riding Silver Mountain in Idaho. I learned how to snowboard at Silver in 1990 and have many fond memories of the hill. Some of those memories are painful...learning how to snowboard on "bullet proof" snow is not something I recommend.

Silver cat track
Silver rock
Rocker silver
Rocker schweitzer
Rocker schweitzer 2
JF Baker
JB Silver
JB Silver 2
Ace Silver
Ace Silver Cornice
Ace Schweitzer
Ace Baker

Goat Style 2010

I had an opportunity to shoot Goat Style Bike Jam in Creston, British Columbia and couldn't pass it up.

Spokane Hoopfest 2010

Digital Daredevil photographers will be shooting at Hoopfest 2010 in Spokane, WA. The event takes place on June 26th and 27th in downtown Spokane.

June 26th update: Quite a scene, people and basketball hoops everywhere, posted some shots in the gallery.

Daytona 257 Super D photos

Checked out the All Gravity series race at Mount Coeur d' Alene. The course was almost 7 miles long and times we 25 minutes or more. Just got back and had a chance to upload photos to the gallery. Take a look here.